31 July 2020 - It Ain't Half Hot Mum!

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31 July 2020 - It Ain't Half Hot Mum!

Post by daveB »

Any advance on 34.8 C during the afternoon at JOO1 (N. Kent)?
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Nick Gilly
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Re: 31 July 2020 - It Ain't Half Hot Mum!

Post by Nick Gilly »

Heathrow reached 37.8C or exactly 100F. This just as a peak of a 2-day wonder shows how much impact climate change is having.

I predict a 40C+ before this decade is out.
Good DX.

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Jim (Bournemouth)
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Re: 31 July 2020 - It Ain't Half Hot Mum!

Post by Jim (Bournemouth) »

Third hottest day recorded, only 10 Aug 2003 and "Furnace Thursday" from late July last year ahead of today.

This plume already eroding, Heathrow down to 32 now when you would expect the temp to be peaking. I hate to think what temp we might have had if the airmass had stayed put for a couple more days.....
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Re: 31 July 2020 - It Ain't Half Hot Mum!

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness »

Hottest day here so far this year. But which is the correct temperature?

* Ventusky says it peaked at 34C here today.
* My car thermometer, in the shade, said it was 31.5 around 14:00.
* The weather station here in the house (My girlfriend's place in S Lincs.) said 31.9 at 14:00.

I'll take somewhere between 32C and 33C to be about right.

Meanwhile in sunny Skegness, the temperature peaked at 30.0C at 12:41, at least according to the local weather station at http://www.skegnessweather.info/today.htm even though Ventusky said it was 23C. So who the hell is right?

I'll just say one thing .... roll on winter!

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