External hard drive conundrum

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External hard drive conundrum

Post by daveB »

Here is an oddity I'd like to share - any insights anyone?

I have 3 external hard drives which are connected via USB 3.0

1. Maxtor 2TB drive
2. Samsung M3 2TB drive
3. Seagate 4TB hard drive - purchased 2019.

I experimented with trying to record two 8 Mb/s I/Q streams to one drive. With the Maxtor 2TB and the Seagate 4TB drive - it failed miserably - disk usage went up yo 100% and there were dropped buffers all over the place.

With the Samsung drive - it works perfectly with disk usage under 50%. And interestingly when recording a single stream the Samsung was only using 13% thruput capacity of the hard drive, the other two it was more like 23 %.

I've not delved into the differences between the specifications - but it proves that not all external hard drives are equal.
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