Meteor shower calendar 2019-2020

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Tim Bucknall
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Meteor shower calendar 2019-2020

Post by Tim Bucknall » 10 Sep 2019 11:27 ... /list.html

8–9 Oct 2019 Draconids Northern Hemisphere (Best)
21–22 Oct 2019 Orionids Both Hemispheres
7–18 Nov 2019 Leonids Both Hemispheres
14–15 Dec 2019 Geminids Both Hemispheres
22–23 Dec 2019 Ursids Northern Hemisphere
3–4 Jan 2020 Quadrantids Northern Hemisphere (Best)
21–22 Apr 2020 Lyrids Both Hemispheres
5–6 May 2020 Eta Aquarids Both Hemispheres
12–13 Aug 2020 PerseidsNorthern Hemisphere (Best)

time to plan!

i think i've got a fair idea of what unassisted meteor show can do from this location with the current antenna

rather than log SR P1 & YLE Yksi a billion more times for the draconids and orionids i'll focus on OIRT unless theres a nice area of high pressure in the atlantic and then i'll feel obligated to try for TA again
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