RDS on Algerian stations

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RDS on Algerian stations

Post by daveB » 15 Aug 2019 16:22

Does anyone know if Algeria has stopped using RDS on some transmitters?
During a strong opening to N Africa on 13th August I get stations on 88.7 and 91.8 and the characteristics of the signals on the SDR waterfall display strongly suggest they are from the same location.
Afkadou is listed as having pi codes and in 2017 I received both frequencies a number of times with full RDS. This time no sign of RDS - but 88.7 had a program announcement at one pointconfirming it was Radio Soummam.
92.6 was also a strong station with no RDS - possibly Radio Boumerdes from Zouggara.

So if anyone has had these stations with/without RDS ?
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Nick Gilly
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Re: RDS on Algerian stations

Post by Nick Gilly » 15 Aug 2019 17:52

Hi Dave. Yes the Akfadou tx does seem to have lost its RDS, the same with Radio Boumerdes on 92.6.

The last time I noted RDS on Akfadou was last year.
Good DX.

Nick, Whitchurch, Hampshire.

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Re: RDS on Algerian stations

Post by Brieuc » 15 Aug 2019 17:55

Hi dave,
Serveral algerian TXs have RDS signals, but which are very hard to receive in many cases. I often get them via Tropo, and I have already noticed several TXs with difficult RDS reception, here are some observations:
-> Akfadou: Very hard RDS reception, excepted Alger Chaîne 3 105.4 with normal RDS.
-> Chréa: Very hard RDS reception for Radio Algérie Internationale, and very very hard for Radio Coran / Culture (it needs to be stronger than my local stations for receive a PI code...)
-> Djebel Tessala and Oran: Very hard RDS reception
-> Kef el Ahkal: Very easy RDS reception
-> Bordj el Bahri,Bou Kadir and Tlemcen: Quite easy RDS reception
-> Dirah and Cherreb Errib: No RDS
-> Zouggara: Never received RDS here, despite some great receptions
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