radio landscape in Gothenburg

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radio landscape in Gothenburg

Post by PFM907 » 14 Aug 2019 15:44

välkommen till Göteborg - metropolis with the world`s most boring radio offer

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MHz	Station				Location		RDS-PS			PTY		Signal
 88,0	Radio 88 Partille Golden Hits	Sävedalen-Finngösa*	-			-		S=3
 89,3	Sveriges Radio P1		Brudaremossenmasten	SR_P1___		VARIED		S=5 ST
 90,7	PIRATE ROCK			Mölndal-Norra Fässberg	-			-		S=4
 94,9	Göteborgs Närradioförening	Brudaremossenmasten	GNF_94,9		-		S=4 ST
 95,4	Pirate Rock			Kungälv-Fontin		-PIRATE- / -ROCK- 	ROCK M		S=5 ST
 96,3	Sveriges Radio P2		Brudaremossenmasten	SR_P2___		OTHER M		S=5 ST
 99,4	Sveriges Radio P3		Brudaremossenmasten	SR_P3___		VARIED		S=5 ST
100,2	MNF Radio Hamraz 100,2		Brudaremossenmasten²	-			-		S=4 ST
	(farsi - bad audio, 96kbit, left channel twice as loud as right)
101,9	Sveriges Radio Göteborg		Brudaremossenmasten	SR_Gbg__		AFFAIRS		S=5 ST
101,9	Sveriges Radio P4		Brudaremossenmasten	SR_P4___		EASY M		S=5 ST
102,6	[empty carrier, mono]		Brudaremossenmasten	-			-		S=2
103,1	Göteborgs Närradioförening	Brudaremossenmasten	GNF103,1		-		S=4 ST
104,8	ROCKKLASSIKER Göteborg		Angered-Lärje		R_O_C_K_		ROCK M		S=4 ST
105,3	105,3 RIX FM Göteborg		Brudaremossenmasten	_RIX_FM_		POP M		S=5 ST
105,9	NRJ Göteborg			Angered-Lärje		__NRJ___		POP M		S=5 ST
106,3	[empty carrier, mono]		Brudaremossenmasten	-			-		S=4
107,3	MIX MEGAPOL Göteborg		Angered-Lärje		MEGAPOL_		POP M		S=5 ST
107,8	107,8 STAR FM Göteborg		Brudaremossenmasten	STAR_FM_		POP M		S=5 ST

* wrongly spelled "Fingösa" on FMLIST
² missing on FMLIST

other observations different from FMLIST:

95,2 Kungsbacka:

88,6 Halmstad:

96,1 Båstad:
_BÅSTAD_ ( with a real circle-A in it!)

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