How many (p)teradacytyls does What's Up use?

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How many (p)teradacytyls does What's Up use?

Post by daveB » 27 Dec 2018 18:06

I had to share the above question - which my wife asked me today - worried about whether it would use up to much data. [She only has 500 mB data allowance on the monthly sim card].]

OK it's my fault she calls it What's Up - as that's what I christened it - along with their rivals Faceache and Instagrot (which we don't use) . We decided to use What's App purely because our daughter gets poor mobile reception - and What's App will work through their Internet Wi-fi connection.

To a more serious point about data usage - every single installed app on the phone was set up to allow background data via the mobile connection and had to be manually turned off. I reckon that would soon gobble up the 500 Mb.

I reckon, based on our limited usage so far, that a short text message via What'sApp is only 100-200 kb so would only use.
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