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Deutsche Welle 2019

Post by PFM907 » 22 Dec 2018 08:18

Regarding QSL policy, DW has announced:
Deutsche Welle does still continue sending out QSL verification cards.

However, we will only confirm one report, no matter whether we receive several reports in an envelope at the same time.

For departmental organizational reasons, it is not possible to confirm each and every customer's report.

= if you send each report one by one every month, you will receive cards for all of them. at least your chance to receive several cards is higher.
--> if you send one big letter including 5 or more reports makes you receive only one card while the content of the other reports is lost for good!
A reception report directed to DW must contain the following information:

1. Frequency
2. Time - in UTC (if you are uncertain how to convert, state the local time)
3. Date
4. Program details
5. Reception quality (if possible using the SIO-Code)
6. Your name and address written clearly
(usual SINPO-code is not required)

useful links: (general information on DW QSL in English language) ... report.pdf (multi reception reports form) ... ericht.pdf (detailled reception report form) (QSL card gallery in English language) ... /a-2514590 (general info in German language) ... /g-1980329 (QSL card gallery - recent) (QSL card gallery - old)

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