49 meter Report 13:09z De W5HWZ

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49 meter Report 13:09z De W5HWZ

Post by W5HWZ » 18 Dec 2018 13:20

Hello Good Morning/Afternoon/Night where ever you may be

The 49 meter band seems very open right now into Colorado!! Conditions here seem better than last night on the higher 5-6kc Frequency Range... Noticing Very Distinct signals form Voice of Freedom,Radio China International Korean Service... Haven't Dove into the band too much yet tonight as was dealing with some shack issues... But noting the Xian China Transmitter For the Korean Service of China Radio international I am guessing not sure where their Korean service is aimed too but I was catching it about a S3-4 with crashes and QSB Hwaseong Voice of Freedom is much stronger than last night at 13:12utc the signal seems to be building suggesting a very good opening to far eastern Asia... Keeping in mind the solar numbers are almost nil it's really good to see the Shortwave bands opening up a bit...

13:13 UTC Radio Nikkei 1 noted again on 6055kc Stronger than last night's report, Seems to be a solid S5 Tonight building up to S7 very audible signal So Yes For those of you in the US and Canada even south America I would Recommend tuning in 49 meters as the band seems to be in fairly good condition, as of 13:18 UTC CFRX Toronto Was heard on 6070kc 1kw output...

So my opinion I would say at around 13utc seems the 49 meter band is very open with good solid signals... No real shifting or crashing, so i encourage you DXers to keep your eyes out on the higher bands... Maybe we'll see some 60 meter and higher openings, just all I can say is keep spinning that dial and have faith



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