Demonstrations against the state broadcaster in Hungary

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Demonstrations against the state broadcaster in Hungary

Post by AMDXHUN » 17 Dec 2018 14:37

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(CNN)Another night of protests turned violent in Budapest on Sunday when thousands of people took to the streets over what they call a "slave law" -- new legislation allowing employers to ask workers to take on up to 400 hours of overtime a year.
Clashes with police began when protesters arrived at the headquarters of state-run television station MTVA and tried to storm the building, CNN affiliate ATV Hungary reports.
Video and images show officers in riot gear firing tear gas into the crowd during the confrontation. Live-streamed video posted by ATV Hungary showed reporters trapped in a crowd of protesters unable to move, as well as people crouched on the ground temporarily blinded by the tear gas. ... index.html

In fact, protesting against MTVA (M1 TV, M2 TV, M3 TV, M4 TV, M5 TV, Duna TV, Duna World TV, Kossuth Radio, Petofi Radio, Bartok Radio and Danko Radio) (our state broadcaster) was not a new thing. Since 5-6 years, they ignoring any opposition-related news, they spreading fake news and hate against opposition figures, George Soros, NGO's, immigrants, and politicans in Bruxelles.
Now the protesters are calling it's HQ building as "TV Bastille", because the strongest bastion of Viktor Orbán's regime is the state media.

Today all opposition parties organizing a big demonstration in front of the "Bastion", nobody knows, what will be happened tonight.

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