Asia Opening De 41,49 meter band 12:46Z

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Asia Opening De 41,49 meter band 12:46Z

Post by W5HWZ » 17 Dec 2018 12:58

Hi All!!

General report out of My Station!! Asian prop on 49 and 41 meter bands showing good promise Stations Logged so Far China Radio International Japanese Service Via Jinhua Relay 500kw 7325khz, Possible Voice of Freedom on 6045khz 10kw Hwaseong Transmitter, And Raddio Nikkei 1 6055khz 50kw From Chiba Nagara Transmitter...

49,41 meter seem very favorable to long conditions

All Stations Recieved on Amateur radio equipment

Radio-Yaseu FT-817nd
Antenna-Off Center Fed Dipole UP 4.5 meters

Good dx to all

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