Forum Rules and Etiquette - Please Read First

General rules for all forums - PLEASE READ FIRST
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Forum Rules and Etiquette - Please Read First

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We are a friendly group and do not wish to impose too many harsh rules and restrictions, but we would like to offer some basic guidelines.

Forum Etiquette:
It's simple. Please respect all members and be polite at all times. The moderation team will act swiftly in the event of any breaches of our guidelines, either by imposing moderation or other restriction, or by an outright ban in the event of more serious issues.

The forum language is English, but please remember that we have members spread around the world, and for some of whom English is not their first language.

The moderation team reserves the right to move or modify posts as necessary, so please keep your posts 'on-topic' and post to the relevant forum. Do not simply tag on to an existing, irrelevant post.

When registering, we would prefer you to use your real name if possible. Also please include your location in your personal User Control Panel as this is helpful when posting DX reports, for instance.

Non-members and guests can read all forums but will be unable to post until they have registered their membership.

New members can post, but their initial posts will be entered into the moderation queue. This is to prevent spam. A maximum of three posts are allowed as a New Member. Once a New Member's post has been approved, the moderation will be lifted and that member will automatically become a full Registered User. Future postings will then appear instantly.

Please remember, all posts are public so please consider this when posting.

SMTP Mail:
You can subscribe to forums and receive notifications by email. Click on the links in the relevant forum.

General Forum Help:
Most of your questions may be answered by checking the FAQ guide at the top right hand side of the main Board Index page. The moderators are here to help, so don't be afraid to ask if there is something you don't understand.

Please Note: This forum is in its early stages and there may be a few bugs along the way and settings may need changing. If you experience a problem, please report it in the "Ask questions ... " forum in "Welcome to Skywaves DX!"

Thank You

The Skywaves Moderation Team


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