A DX Trip or Get-together?

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A DX Trip or Get-together?

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 26 Dec 2014 19:24

Every now and again I keep wondering about asking if anybody is interested in a DX camp or other kind of DX get together. It's the usual kind of "where? When? etc. and I never do anything about it.

There was a time when a few of us would have regular meetings and trips out to the hills and to the coast, but then I think it all just got forgotten.

How about, think of your "Fantasy DX Trip". Where would you like to go, if you had the funds, the time, etc. Then perhaps we could find some common ground and organise a social event or two.

If you haven't enjoyed a DX get-together of any kind, let me tell you it's quite an amazing and rewarding experience. I have very fond memories of DX trips to the Suffolk coast with the late Cyril Willis, Ian Kelly, Samir Ehlacene, Tim Bucknall, Jeff Kitching, Patrick Travers, Julian Hardstone, Björn Tryba and many other DXers in other locations, in Devon, Cornwall, Kent, Dorset, Derbyshire, North Wales, etc.

My own Fantasy DX Trip would be to have a large team of us, camping out somewhere fairly remote, overlooking the sea with excellent take-offs and the warmth of the summer months. Exotic antenna arrays high on masts, the DX rolling in like there is no tomorrow. An occasional visit to a local hostelry to chat about the day's activities, etc. while enjoying some excellent pub grub and ales.

Who thinks we should organise something soon?

Günter Lorenz
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Re: A DX Trip or Get-together?

Post by Günter Lorenz » 30 Dec 2014 20:54

John, this is great idea, and I can only recommend to organize something. I would be happy to join, if I can make it.
I did not know that you had met Samir and Björn. Besides the DX at such an event, I always appreciate meeting fellow hobbyists.


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