This year it's strawberry jam

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This year it's strawberry jam

Post by daveB »

SpE seems to be a bit sparse in this part of the country. So time to ramble a bit.

This is the year of the strawberry - they have gone absolutely mad. Four seasons ago I had one strawberry plant survive from a half-dozen bought from Homebase the previous year. It sent out a few runners and gave a few weedy berries the next season. Then in 2016 it put out more runners - but not a lot of strawberries and the slugs had a feast. Then in 2017 loads of runners which I intended to sort out, but a hernia and operation meant I couldn't. Because of the wet weather all the runners took and covered an area about 1.5 m x 2.0 m. The number and size of the berries is amazing - many in the range 20-25g. I'm not actually that keen on fruit and haven't eaten strawberries for years. I always had to dip them in sugar to make them palatable. Not these ones - delicious straight off the plant.

And the jam I made (900 g hulled strawberries, 800 g sugar 80 ml lemon juice) is absolutely out of this world!
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Re: This year it's strawberry jam

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You jammy b*****

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Re: This year it's strawberry jam

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness »

Very nice Dave. I was thinking about trying to grow something in my garden this year. Maybe vegetables, but I hate gardening of any kind. The most I've done this summer is cut the grass and trim my bushes. :shock:

We grew some strawberries a few years ago and I still have the strawberry tub. But it seems they are coming back this year with no help whatsoever from me. Unless it is a weed. I wouldn't know a strawberry plant from a conifer tree if I am honest.

But I know home made jam is especially nice. It's just not going to be something I will do, but I might have a go at growing tomatoes to begin with. We have superb weather in this part of the world right now and it's set to improve and stick around for a while, so they say. Trying to predict the future doesn't work, however.

One thing I have done this year is to let part of the garden grow wild. The weeds are up to about 7ft in places, but it's all hidden from view by various garden ornaments, i.e. arches, trellis and other weeds! The wildlife here can be very interesting. I have two ponds, though only one is currently full. Also some other water features, including a bath which is a miniature nature reserve. I believe this part of the garden is classed as a Bug Hotel / Resort.

I am getting to be something of a bird watcher too, but only sparrows have been the main feature this year, plus the usual blackbirds. You can't fault their singing. There is another bird which I often hear which makes a kind of "poof" sound. This repeats every five seconds or so. I have never actually seen the thing and would love to know what it is. I first noticed it last year, but it hides itself very well. The sound is similar to one of those kiddies fairground attractions where you hit the snake on the head with a mallet and it goes "poof".

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