Sylvestre's NY logbook

Post your logs here, or you may wish to have your own personal log. While not a necessity, this can be useful if you post logs regularly. Please ask.
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Sylvestre's NY logbook

Post by Sylvestre » 22 Oct 2017 19:46

No, I didn't made any DX receptions of New York's stations in Normandy (I vould like Image ), but I made some recordings of them when I was there on holidays, from 28th April to 2nd May '14.

For that I used my Galaxy S2 smartphone as FM receiver, connected to my notebook with an audio line (used also by the phone as an FM antenna) and using Cool Edit 2000 software for digital recording.

My hôtel was near Times Square and from my windows I could see directly the Empire State Building, which carries many NY's FM stations transmitter's antennas, so reception of these stations was fortunately quite easy, even with a smartphone Image. Here's two of them :

"WCBS-FM (101.1 CBS FM)"
New York Transmitter on 101.1 MHz
Recorded in New York on 28th april '14, 8:57 PM (EDT)

"WHTZ-FM (Z100)"
New York Transmitter on 100.3 MHz
Recorded in New York on 29th april '14, 5:52 AM (EDT)
DX-FM & DX-TV in Normandy, France : Portenseigne 910 03 02 & Wisi EB-66 on Yaesu G450C.
On my personal website :
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