Band 2 log Thursday 30th June 2016

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Jim (Bournemouth)
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Band 2 log Thursday 30th June 2016

Post by Jim (Bournemouth) » 03 Jul 2016 20:56

At last, a proper opening to Scandinavia and by far the best one I’ve had in my 4 seasons on Band 2. My normal openings in that direction are usually short teases and usually unloggable due to multiple same stations listed on the same frequency. Not this time.
Lasted more than 2 hours and some very low power stations came in.
I was at work, however, but managed to ‘remote in’ record streams to go through later, including further up the band for a short time.

Map and logs: ... &omid=2748
Jim, Bournemouth, Dorset. IO90BR.

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