Es 29th June 2016

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Es 29th June 2016

Post by Nick Gilly » 30 Jun 2016 20:53

The best day for ages. The band was wide open to Spain and Morocco when I got home from work at 2 pm local, with signals up to the top of the band. As time went on the propagation gradually shifted a little further east with Algeria and Tunisia appearing, and then some Italians. We had to go out at 4 pm but when I got back at a little after 5.45 pm local the band was flooded with Spain/Morocco and Algeria. Just out of curiosity I turned the beam to the east whilst tuned to 87.9 and heard an OM speaking in an odd language, quite strong and then the RDS popped up: TRT_Rd_1! This was TRT Radyo 1 from Mudanya at 2621 km. However, it had faded out by the time the CD recorder was ready to go. Grrrr. However, a few minutes later another Turkish station appeared on 87.8, which I did record:

Kurt Zscherp is 99% sure this is Bayram FM from Gebze at 2616 km, so many thanks for that. These were the only Turkish signals heard though. Everything else was coming in from the south.

As the opening went on it gradually shifted again towards eastern Algeria and Tunisia, and again southern Italy and Sardinia. Corsica also made an appearance on 88.0 (France Musique from Ajaccio). One or two Balkans were heard too as I kept trying to the east after the Turkish reception. The opening finally dropped out at about 9.50 pm.
Good DX.

Nick, Whitchurch, Hampshire.

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