23 Jul 2018 double hop and UNID

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23 Jul 2018 double hop and UNID

Post by daveB » 24 Jul 2018 22:11

At 17:12 UTC I received Turkey on 87.5 from Adana-Alihocali at 3153 km

A couple of minutes later I received this strong clear arabic program which needed the full 250 kHz bandwidth to get distortion free audio. Running it through google translate showed it to be a factual prog relating to the preparations for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca with reference to the Saudi Arabia ministry responsible for oversight including reference to travel documents and preparation. Obviously not Saudi Arabia


So is anyone able to identify the station broadcasting this interview? Points to note:
The signal should have been strong enough to resolve RDS - but no 57 kHz sub-carrier was seen to be present. So that cuts it down to just a few stations.

The Turkish station was on bearing 107 - so Orient FM from Lebanon might be a possibility?
At the same time a Tunisian station was received on 91.8 (PI 7206) bearing 157 from my QTH. So it could be Radio el Tarf from Algeria, which is on the same bearing. The notes on FMList refer to the station having wide, bad modulation. This was certainly wide - but good.
Both stations appear to be heavily news/fact oriented.
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