The one that got away?

Post your unidentified DX catches here
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The one that got away?

Post by daveB » 29 Jun 2018 07:29

A couple of days ago - when R1 video was coming in I noticed some activity jut above 48 MHz. It is only now, when I was still half asleep I wondered if it was actually ChE2. It looked very similar to a weak video signal where the sidebands are starting to show up. I couldn't resolve any video, but it doesn't help that the RTL dongle has a strong internal signal at 48.00 MHz.

Could it have been Dubai? I wish I had been more "with it" as I didn't actually measure the carrier frequency - but dismissed it as possible interference at the time. I went back to measuring carrier offsets on R1. I'm even sure which day it was.
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Re: The one that got away?

Post by Tim Bucknall » 29 Jun 2018 19:50

Dubai has scuttled up the curtain and joined the choir invisible

you have 4 options:
Dutch Pirate TV stn mentioned in Radio User this month
unid African
Greek Pirate
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