65,74 Ukraine or Russia

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65,74 Ukraine or Russia

Post by Julius63 » 24 Jun 2018 20:56

During a good opening to Belarus, I heard this signal. Who can ID the language? is it Ukrainian or Rusian? I recored it on 65,65, but signal was from 65,74. Signals can be rather wide on the OIRT-band. Think it is a TV audio signal, apologies for the rather noisy recording.
Thanks in advance!
Julius from Holland.
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Re: 65,74 Ukraine or Russia

Post by TransistorFR » 25 Jun 2018 15:40

Hello Julius,

It sounds like Russian to my ears, but I'm not sure as I'm not an Eastern European languages professional.
By luck, did you record any jingle or ident? It would be helpful for the identification.

I also received a TV audio signal yesterday, but on 65.757812MHz and it was Rossiya 1 from Velikiy Novgorod, Russia.
Here's the recording if you want to compare with the program you received: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bdl67Kf92po

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