Poland in Kent - 27 Jun 2019

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Poland in Kent - 27 Jun 2019

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I was going through the 'on the hour' recordings to concentrate on the weaker stations at 0500 UTC.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear what sounded like Polish fade up for around a minute or so on 106.8 it was pretty clear it was Radio Maryja. For a short while it was good enough for Google translate to work. Then the icing on the cake, when I increased the bandwidth - PI: 3232

The transmitter is Poznań / Śrem listed at 110 kW. Distance 1118 km.

Recording attached showing how it faded up from nothing - only a faint German station - for around a minute before Radio ffh faded back up (as identified at the end).


I wonder if I'll find anything else as interesting? Unfortunately in order to able to record stuff from the 28th/29th I had to delete a fair number of files - just leaving the ones on the hour/half hour.

27th June - 29th June was a pretty good opening here in Kent. CZE was received around 10 km from me by someone in Rainham, Kent
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