DAB Log 28 Sept 2016

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DAB Log 28 Sept 2016

Post by daveB » 03 Oct 2016 13:47

5B MTVNL 1050UTC data only
5C DR Deutschland 0500 - 0635 UTC 7-12dB SNR
6B Noord-Oost NL 0500 - 0635 UTC 7 dB SNR
7A Zuid NL 0500 UTC data only
8A Randstad NL 0635 - 1050 UTC 8-11 dB SNR
9D Nord-West NL 0500-0600 UTC 0-9dB SNR
10B Norfolk 0500-0600 UTC 11-16 dB
10C Northamptonshire 0500 - 0635 UTC 10-17dB
10C Suffolk 1050 UTC - data only
10D Herts-Berks 0635 UTC 10 dB SNR
12C NPO 0635-1050UTC -data only
12D Essex which is normally received was absent until the 1050UTC check when it was back at a normal 14-15dB - presumably messed up by interference from Europe

If find that an SNR ratio less than 5dB gives no audio, whilst 7dB gives full audio - on DAB+

THe only positive identification is Nord-West NL on 9D from Weiringerwerf as its the only site for this MUX/freq. Noord-Oost NL on 6B is likely Lelystad as that site was also received on FM in the same time period, but then so was Smilde!

Shame the Transmitter id function does not appear to be used.

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