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28 May 2016 - MORE double hop - Radio Rossiy

Posted: 02 Jun 2016 23:35
by daveB
With all the excitement of the last couple of days and starting to run out of disk space I was about to dump my OIRT recordings from the 28th un-listened to. Good thing I didn't! I've just got part way though the file that covers on the hour at 1600 UTC and so far I've got three instances of the deep bass station announcement "Radio Rossiy".

67.76 is really strong
66.95 is weak and has to be compared with 67.76 to confirm its the same station
69.44 you get the pips and after a short fade can hear the long drawn out "Rossiy"

As these stations are coming in at the same time as Belarus on a bearing of 74-77 deg and Ukrainian/Moldavian TV on a bearing of 81-92 deg the most likely candidates will be in that general direction.

67.76 Tuapse 2939 km / 91 deg 5 kw. The closer tx is on a bearing of 44 deg and 2856 km - so is still double hop
66.95 Sadoye 3134 km / 80 deg 17 kw. The closer station is on a bearing on 60 deg and 2444 km.
69.44 Chilekovo 3060 km / 80 deg 17 kw. The closer tx is on a bearing of 50 deg and 2962 km - so is still double hop

Those files will not be deleted until they have been checked! I'll will post the audio recordings in due course.

It does of course presume that there aren't an un-listed candidates hiding out there ready to bite me.