Sittingbourne Log 22 June 2015

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Sittingbourne Log 22 June 2015

Post by daveB » 27 Jun 2015 22:13

I have finally got as far as I can with transferring all the loggings from RDSSpy and RDS datalogger. There would have been nore except I forgot to start the activity log in Jeff Knapp's new FMSuite and only noticed it a couple of hours later.So I have all the RDS data - but no frequencies to match.

Anyway the highlights were - three Lithuanian stations early in the morning, two Maltese stations ( just before noon UTC), and Turkey on 92.0 at 1728UTC at 3156km - although the validity of the pi code was less than optimum. Greek stations were also evident from time to time.

Around 1630 to 1700 there was some very short skip which gave France Info from Lyons on 103.4 - fortunately the only occurrence of this station on the frequency. At 722 km this is probably the shortest skip distance I've received.

A number of clusters were encounterd - 9 transmitters from Bucharest, 9 from Reggio Calabari and 9 from Rocca di Papa (probably more but couldn't verify the multi-tx entries).

Here is the link to FM List visual logbook ... &omid=2414

Quite a number of Italian stations couldn't be logged as there were multiple entries for the same frequency and given the variability of propagation it would be pure guesswork - and for all I know where the same station showed up multiple times on the same frequency through the day- it could have been more than one site.

Fortunately a lull today has allowed for catching up. Please note a good proportion of the logs came from either RDSDatalogger or RDSSpy cross matched to the frequency using Jeff Knapps FMSuite (beta version).


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Re: Sittingbourne Log 22 June 2015

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 28 Jun 2015 01:45

Amazing catch re. Adana. Nice one!

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