Es 29.5.16 including double-hop to Iran

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Es 29.5.16 including double-hop to Iran

Post by Nick Gilly » 29 May 2016 22:46

Well, this was a day to remember. Whilst there wasn't a big blockbuster opening here with lots of logs, there was an opening in the early afternoon that commenced with some very unusual double-hop. It started at 1238 UTC with jazz on 88.0 which faded out only to be occasionally punctuated with snippets of Quran prayers on 88.0. I knew this was double-hop as the signal was peaking more-or-less east and the MUF map showed a large cloud over Europe linking up to a very intense cloud over Turkey:

87.9 also had an unidentified Quran station on, and unfortunately IDs were not forthcoming on these stations:

However, at 1243 UTC I came across a station on 89.0 with talk, which turned out to be in Farsi. It sounded like an OM in the studio talking to another OM on the phone, and at this stage I was thinking maybe I was imagining things:

This is probably an outlet of IRIB Radio Javan, the most likely site being Ahar/Kuh-e Qezel Qayah which is the nearest big tx at a distance of 3987 km/2477 miles! Thanks to Paul Logan and Victor Rutkovsky for confirming that this was Farsi.

Shortly after this single-hop stations from Hungary & Romania took over the band, up to around 101 MHz. One Romanian that was IDed was Digi FM on 91.4 from Gheorghieni/Harghita-Băi at 2033 km:

At around 1350 UTC there was another brief fade-up on 87.9 of exotic-sounding music and a YL on the phone talking to the OM host in the studio in Turkish, but I'm not sure if these were one station or separate ones.

Apart from a brief Italian taster earlier this evening that has been it for today.

So, my first ever reception of Iran on FM here! I still can't believe this happened. It's still only May too and it makes me wonder what is going to happen next?
Good DX.

Nick, Whitchurch, Hampshire.

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