Es Log 12th June 2019

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Es Log 12th June 2019

Post by Jim (Bournemouth) » 12 Jun 2019 20:34

At least an opening of some duration!

Today opened to Iberia/N Africa on and off through the morning - the longest duration opening here since 28th May.

Signals mostly very weak, and confined to the lowest parts of the band with not too many signals making it to RDS level - the opening dribbled on for about 5 and a half hours here on and off.

The evening opening - bar 2 minutes to Tunisia - simply did not make it here at all despte good openings right up the band at locations as near 40 miles away - Libya never made it here and is yet to do so this season.

Hopefully a change in the weather pattern next week will bring myself (and others who have missed out so far) a lot more action in what has been a poor season so far.

Map and logs: ... &omid=2748
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