Es Log 12th June 2016

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Es Log 12th June 2016

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A very nice opening (in 2 distinct phases) to end my few days off.. back to the grindstone today!

Around 1540 I commented to myself that it wasn’t looking too promising.. then a few minutes 10m began to stir with a good selection of European beacons suddenly in. Within 20minutes an opening to the Baltics was getting into full swing with good signals from LVA EST LTU and latterly NE Poland and Kaliningradsk.
I was hoping for my first Russian logging and checked for St Petersburg, but to no avail, so RUS will have to wait for another day.

Then, after a pause of an hour or so, it opened up again to Greece, Albania and the far SE of Italy and Croatia. Mixed in with this was a brief opening to Portugal, then Sweden. Didn’t know where to point the beam by this point!

Best opening (by some distance) of the year so far, and it was nice to start the game and get the full 90 minutes for once instead of sitting on the subs bench hoping for a little run out in injury time!

Map and logs:
Jim, Bournemouth, Dorset. IO90BR.

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