Band 2 Es Log Friday 10th June 2016

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Band 2 Es Log Friday 10th June 2016

Post by Jim (Bournemouth) » 11 Jun 2016 08:08

After a frustrating Thursday when the Band 2 Es openings did everything it could to get as close to here as possible without actually getting here (one 2 minute tease to ALG apart), the gods finally relented on Friday and granted me some small openings.

I missed most of the early ALG/TUN opening as I had an 0900(bst) appointment. The early afternoon opening to the south didn't happen here as the clouds were too close, as they were for several hours in the early evening with a very focussed opening just clipping the western edge of Portugal here at the end of the opening. Before this, I may have had R Renascenca in Madeira, but it was so weak that I was unable to match enough with the stream to be sure, so I did not log it. Shame, MDA has eluded me so far.
Finally, a teaser to the east before things died off.

Maps and logs: ... &omid=2748
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