Es Log 2nd June 2016

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Jim (Bournemouth)
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Es Log 2nd June 2016

Post by Jim (Bournemouth) » 03 Jun 2016 20:06

A strong opening to first of all Romania and the Balkans, mixed with North Africa and later Spain well after the prop to the south-east had faded. Around 1645, the MUF rose all the way to 144Mhz to Romania and the Balkans, a reminder of my very first experience of Es on this same date back in 1985 in the shape of a 2m contact in present-day Croatia.

The opening eventually faded around 2000 here. Quite a number of unknowns which I will post separately.

Map and logs: ... &omid=2748
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Re: Es Log 2nd June 2016

Post by daveB » 04 Jun 2016 21:20

My RTL dongle counted to the south-facing aerial logged loads of signals with RDSpy - running FMSuite - unfortunately when I downloaded the info I found out that the Activity logger (the bit of FM suite that logs the frequencies needed to interpret the RDSSpy results had not been started from when I last fiddled with the computer. :cry:

Fortunately I was recording chunks for much of the opening and doing live dxing at the same time. So eventually I'll get to the recordings and maybe find some surprises.

In a way I'm glad of a lull in activity - though I see John in Skegness has snagged a few nice tropo signals this evening. In the next day or two trop could prove interesting in my part of the UK.

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