Es Log 25th May 2016

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Es Log 25th May 2016

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At last, a decent day of openings and my first loggings since 5th May some 3 weeks ago.

Began while I was at work, some Algeria during my lunch hour, so set a stream recording, later analysis revealed a short opening to Italy just before 1200z.
Came home later than usual thanks to a dead truck on the A31 and the usual Bournemouth Spur Road @^%&$*$ traffic and found an opening to Finland in full swing. Signals not strong here, but able to at last make use of being able to monitor several freqs at once including RDS thanks to the new Matrix feature on SDR Console. This faded, to be replaced with a marginal opening to Poland – those further east had much the better of it.

I have yet to analyse the stream I recorded for the period prior to my arrival home, however I am not expecting much as I was beaming at Italy at the time….

Logs and map: ... &omid=2748
Jim, Bournemouth, Dorset. IO90BR.

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