Es 16th June

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Es 16th June

Post by Jim (Bournemouth) » 17 Jun 2015 20:32

This is more like it for June!!

A much more active day with the band open for hours for once.

Managed a few loggings remotely before my return home from work.

The main evening opening began with Bulgaria and Croatia, and probably Greece after chatting with Nick this evening but was unable to verify that at the time, so no Greek loggings.
Then Italy came slamming in to drown everything else out, then opening moved about a bit with Spain, Tunisia, Algeria in at various times.

Visual log and map here: ... L&rxin=ALL

Just to illustrate how full the bands gets when Italy really gets going, two images:
Italian Soup.png
Band at the height of the Italian phase of the opening
normal band.png
The same bit of spectrum tonight, i.e. as per normal
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