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Drieborg 18-11-2014

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 20:11
by Johan Meezen
When I cam home this afternoon from work there was a small TR (?) opening going on towards CZE.
If you look at Hepburn around that time there was no sign of a TR path.
Could hear only the stations below in the log and already most of that stations had deep qsb, but wqith the help from FMList and the sreams I could ID the stations very quickly.

1525 95.60 CZE Vltava Plzen 541
1529 96.10 CZE Vltava Ceské Budejovic 688
1534 89.70 CZE R. Zurnál Pardubice 701
1545 88.80 CZE Sever Ústí nad Labem 559
1552 91.40 CZE R. Impuls Plzen 541