Newfoundland Medium Wave Radio Logs November 17

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Newfoundland Medium Wave Radio Logs November 17

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Trans-Atlantic Medium Wave radio logs tonight

549 khz - ALGERIA - Jil FM 00:10 UTC Arabic talk and pop music, ID // 531

630 khz - TUNISIA - RTT Radio Nationale 00:15 UTC Arabic talk by man

675 khz - NETHERLANDS - Radio Maria 00:10 UTC Religious talk by man in Dutch, Radio Maria ID

693 khz - UNITED KINGDOM - BBC 5 Live 00:10 UTC news , sports, weather, ID

864 khz - FRANCE - France Bleu 22:20 UTC French vocals and talk, Jingle ID

882 khz - UNITED KINGDOM - BBC Radio Wales 20:40 UTC talk about boxing

909 khz - UNITED KINGDOM - BBC 5 Live 20:45 UTC World Cup talk, ID

999 khz - SAUDI ARABIA - Al Quran al-Karim 00:05 UTC Chanting

1053 khz - LIBYA - Radio Libya 20:30 UTC Arabic talk by man , ment. of Libya

1062 khz - ITALY - RAI Radio 1 20:40 UTC Italian talk by man

1296 khz - SPAIN - COPE Valencia 00:05 UTC man in Spanish commentary, ID

1377 khz - FRANCE - France Info 22:15 UTC man w/ commentary in French , ID

1395 khz - ALBANIA - TWR Europe 20:15 UTC man in Serbian talk, music, Interval Signal at close of program

1413 khz - SPAIN - Radio Nacional de Espana 20:35 UTC man in Spanish , ID

1431 khz - DJIBOUTI - Radio Sawa 20:35 UTC Arabic talk and pop music, ID

1440 khz - LUXEMBOURG - China Radio Intl Relay 22:45 UTC woman w/ commentary in German

1521 khz - SAUDI ARABIA - BSKSA 20:35 UTC Teletalk in Arabic, ment. Arabie

1575 khz - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Radio Farda 22:15 UTC Arabic talk and music, ID

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Re: Newfoundland Medium Wave Radio Logs November 17

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Great logging! Nice to know that you have a lot of TA catches where you are in Newfoundland. I wonder if you have a phaser to get rid of Canadian stations, such as 590 VOCM and 930 CJYQ.
I hope you soon receive smaller English stations, such as Flame CCR on 1521, BBC Radio Norfolk on 855 and 873, BBC Essex on 729 and 765, and many others. A high-powered national commercial station in the UK to look out for is Talksport, on both 1053 (usually Droitwich) and 1089 (usually Moorside Edge).
I, unfortunately, have had no luck with transatlantic MW DX, because of 'interference' from the UK and EU. Being in eastern England must be a reason why my TA reception is poor, as people in the west of England get better results, and my main hobby is FM DX from mainland Europe, which can suffer interference from the UK stations. Nice to know you have Saudi in there, and I get SBC Radio Riyadh on 1521 every night, usually versus both an Italian station and maybe China Radio International.
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Re: Newfoundland Medium Wave Radio Logs November 17

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... but the east coast here has a fantastic outlook to the north-east, the direction to beam for east Asia.

You might think the east coast is not the best side of the UK for transatlantic DX, but if conditions quieten down sufficiently (best during a solar minimum) then we have the northerly path opening up, so areas such as west coast North America, including Alaska and the Canadian North-West Territories, will come through, as they did during the first winter I moved here. I did not expect this.

If you point a flag antenna slightly to the west of north, you will see there is an almost total sea path to Alaska and the west coast. But with conditions how they are at the moment, forget it! Hopefully we will see a return to these conditions as we move into the next solar minimum.

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