DVB-T Scan Székesfehérvár, Hungary

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DVB-T Scan Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Post by AMDXHUN » 09 Nov 2018 08:39

There are 14 FTA channels here from A,B,C,D MUX plus one local.

All MUXes from the local relay tower. Kabhegy and Budapest towers are also avaliable here with the same channels.
The only national DVB-T provider's name MinDigTV (Mindig menas always in Hungarian) owned by the state company, Antenna Hungaria. AH operates also the towers.

M1-M5, Duna, Duna W. are the state channels.
Tv2, Fem3, Zenebutik, Izaura TV belongs to the Tv2 Group.
Euronews was the part of the FTA package until 2016, but it is removed due "financial reasons"
"M3" channel is in the paid package, it broadcasts movies, serials, TV shows from the socialist (pre 1990) era.

M1 - 24 hrs news channel in Hungarian, English, German, Russian and Chinese (MUX B - E29)
M2 - Dedicaded for the youth (MUX C - E59)
DUNA - 1st National Channel (MUX B - E29)
M4 - Sports channel (MUX B - E29)
M5 - Arts and Science channel (MUX C - E59)
Duna World - Dedicated for the Hungarian diaspora (MUX B - E29)
RTL Klub - Regular commercial station (Pro opposition) (MUX C - E59)
Spektrum Home - Home and Living (MUX A - E29)
Tv2 - Regular commercial station (Pro Govt.) (MUX C - E59)
Izaura TV - Soap operas (Serials from Latin americas, Korea, Turkey, etc...) (MUX A - E29)
Zenebutik - Music channel (Hungarian and international pop music, talent shows) (MUX A - E29)
FEM3 - Dedicated for ladies (Fashion, living, home, wedding, style, cooking, etc) (MUX A - E29)
Information channel - The provider's (MinDigTV) advertisements, announcements. (MUX C - E59)
Fehérvár TV - Local channel (MUX Local, 100 watts, E48) (one local MUX can contain 1 channel ONLY by the law)

Posts: 37
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Re: DVB-T Scan Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Post by AMDXHUN » 09 Nov 2018 08:45

When the conditions are good, there are one slovak (E21) and one slovenian (E27) MUX can be received here, but usually only the locals. In 200m radius there are 3 800 MHz and one 450 MHz LTE towers here. They are overloading the receiver. In the market the filters are only for 800 mhz, and no one for 450 mhz. The 450 MHz LTE network is only for govermental use. Data communications between authorities, offices, etc.

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