Serbian-language broadcasts on 7325 kHz

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Serbian-language broadcasts on 7325 kHz

Post by ReeceLloyd »

Hello everybody, for the first time.

This evening, I have encountered a station broadcasting Top 40 music on 7235 kHzs. I was unable to identify the station, because the station ID was fairly unclear, although my SINPO was 55444 when there was music playing.

I was, however, able to determine that the station may have been from a Serbian-speaking country, as I know some Croatian and could recognise a word that is pronounced in the Serbian manner, namely "čovek"; Croatians tend to say "čovjek", which is what I was taught.

At 2027 UTC, after ten minutes of my listening, the signal suddenly cut out in the middle of "Eyes Shut" by Years and Years.

I was just wondering if anybody has heard the same or could help me identify the station, please; I intend to send them a QSL request. Many thanks for your thoughts in advance of their receipt.

R. Ll.

Brookman Spark
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Re: Serbian-language broadcasts on 7325 kHz

Post by Brookman Spark »

No match on 7235, just Romania in Spanish. But 7325 (as per your thread title) has China Radio International in Serbian from 2000UTC to 2027.

Happy listening!

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Re: Serbian-language broadcasts on 7325 kHz

Post by satnipper »

Queries such as as the above are easily resolved by consulting

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Re: Serbian-language broadcasts on 7325 kHz

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness »

... and Skywaves, your friendly DX radio forum! :)

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Re: Serbian-language broadcasts on 7325 kHz

Post by PFM907 »

As gravediggers have more fun, I would like to pull up this one from the dust of the past.

By chance, I have been caught this station yesterday. As listed on , I
wanted to tune into the English language foreign service of public state broadcaster CRI yesterday. But there was none.
This was supposed to be provided throughout their site from Beijing directly between 21 and 22 UTC = 23-0 CEST

However, I had this serbian hit music station instead. Regarding the content, it sounds more like a commercial broadcast.
The style of the music (Western CHR / Mainstream chart only) and the jingles made me think of a station for youth.
ID was "drugom radio" (=the other radio" or "the 2nd channel") and something like "Maydong" with switch-off at 2130 UTC.

I can hardly believe that music like that (and almost zero information) is given by China Radio Intl. for their listeners.
Maybe they sometimes re-transmit any domestic program from Serbia, or is this an external production company ?
Can anyone confirm this is indeed CRI´s Serbian speaking foreign service? And where is the English hour that is listed?

This sounds, in any regard, much different from the programes I know from CRI in other languages. Catchy, though.

Tim Bucknall
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Re: Serbian-language broadcasts on 7325 kHz

Post by Tim Bucknall »

format is consistent with what CRI do in Turkish, but the 2nd programme id would count against that
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