Skegness / Holbeach Log: 2019 December

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Skegness / Holbeach Log: 2019 December

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 18 Dec 2019 23:26

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 639 1800 2019-12-12 CHN CNR 1, Beijing/NRTA542 (BJ) Time pips and ads, as 1377. Weak  7994 km
 680 0950 2019-12-03 ALS KBRW Utqiagvik AK. Oldies, as web stream Fair and regular lately. Weak  6061 km
 680 0428 2019-12-28 CAN CJOB Winnipeg MB. "All News Radio, 6-80 CJOB"  6228 km
 920 0501 2019-12-05 CAN CFRY Portage La Prairie MB. Tentative with country music  6264 km
 920 0600 2019-12-10 USA WDMC Divine Mercy Radio, Melbourne (D) (FL) OM WDMC ID V weak  6966 km **
 930 0327 2019-12-17 CAN CJCA Edmonton AB. The law of the Lord. No ID but religion. Good signal! 6687 km
 936 1700 2019-12-12 CHN Anhui RGD Xinwen Zonghe Guangbo, Hefei/Sanshitou (AH) TENTATIVE. I am assuming this is 
                         Anhui RGD based on log info obtained from RealDX. Nothing else it could really 
                         be. Lively ad before toh then Chinese time pips and ... silence! as per reports. 
                         No ID however. V weak  8770 km **
 936 1700 2019-12-12 PAK PBC Radio Pakistan, Mirpur (ajk) OM and time pips 45 seconds after the hour, as 585 
                         V weak  6061 km **
1040 0500 2019-12-06 USA WHO Des Moines IA. "Newsradio 10-40 WHO" ID just before the hour Weak  6649 km
1110 0351 2019-12-20 USA WBT Charlotte NC. pf Newstalk 11-10 WBT ID at exactly 03:51:05 as the 1107 splatter suddenly 
                         dipped down. Good signal! Good  6408 km
1140 0400 2019-12-31 CAN CHRB High River AB. The Gospel Hour .ca addresses mentioned. Presume CHRB. 
                         No ID over the hour. Good!  6915 km
1270 0358 2019-12-31 USA KNWC, Sioux Falls SD. Numerous Faith Radio IDs. Good!  6710 km (HB)
1380 0500 2019-12-27 USA KLIZ Brainerd MN. KLIZ AM, The Fan ID Weak  6325 km (HB)
1380 0559 2019-12-30 USA KOTA Rapid City (SD) KOTA Radio news, mention of FM frequency 100.7. ABC News    6995 km (HB)
1380 0400 2019-12-14 USA WOTE Clintonville WI. ID "WOTE Clintonville" and "Fox Sports Trending ... Now!" heard 
                         V weak  6155 km **
1390 0701 2019-12-09 USA WLCM Charlotte MI. Several 13-90 WLCM IDs around the hour V weak  6079 km
1400 0256 2019-12-20 CLM Antena 2, Santa Bárbara (ant) Jingles and ID Weak  8541 km
1420 0700 2019-12-06 USA KTOE Mankato MN. Top of the hour sung jingle "Information Radio 14-20 KTOE Mankato". 
                         ABC News. V weak  6480 km
1420 0608 2019-12-05 USA WOC Davenport IA. TEST  6490 km
1490 0117 2019-12-11 CLM Emisora Punto 5, Bogotá (bdc) "La Emisora Punto 5 en los 14-90 de la AM". Thank you to 
                         Mauricio Molano at Real DX for spotting the ID  V weak 8568 km **
1510 0618 2019-12-11 USA KCKK Littleton CO. "15-10 The Rock" IDs. Fair peaks. 7442 km
** Personal First
(HB) Holbeach

The month, so far. Updates and additions along the way.

Nothing logged on the Asiatic mini-Beverage at my girlfriend's farm so far due to severe flooding which has destroyed the directivity. I've been hearing more at home, but Asiatic conditions are now well down. They usually peak around September - early November.

A new mini-Beverage to the north-west at 330 degrees has been added at my YL's QTH! As there has been precious little time to experiment with this due to Christmas stuff getting in the way. Rear nulling was poor to non-existent with the makeshift earth I had bodged. I improved this with a piece of scrap aluminium on the 27th which gave some improvement and this probably enabled me to dig out 1380 KLIZ. I invested in a simple electrician's copper earth rod from B&Q (Only £5.25!) and hope to be experimenting with this over the next few days. The north-American beverage encounters considerably less flooding. The 'Asiatic field' is currently 80% under water and 12 inches (30 cm) deep in places.

Good DX!

John Faulkner, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd. 1m ASL)
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