Holbeach Log: 2019-10-19 (MW: Asia)

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Holbeach Log: 2019-10-19 (MW: Asia)

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 24 Oct 2019 22:51

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1278 1659  J  JOFR RKB Mainichi Hoso, Fukuoka (kyu-fuk) Talk show, ad, top of the hour Good signal! 9226 km
 927 1700 TWN BCC Country Network, Taichung (TC) Jingle and YL ID Weak  9692 km
1062 1700 TWN BCC Local Taichung, Taichung (TC) Jingle clearly audible under Euros Weak  9692 km **
 711 1900 TWN BCC Country Network, Tainan (TN) Top of the hour jingle Weak  9753 km
 891 1900 TWN BCC Local Tainan, Tainan (TN) Top of the hour jingle and YL Weak  9753 km
1188 1959 KOR HLKX FEBC/TWR Asia/VOA, Incheon (inc) OM HLKX ID and time signal Weak  8702 km

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