SWL From the W5HWZ Shack

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SWL From the W5HWZ Shack

Post by W5HWZ » 17 Dec 2018 06:25

From Shack in Colorado Grid DM89gd

Conditions From my side seem minimal for MW DX Very Deep and Heavy noise Destroying most signals to nil, Those stations heard High power stations, Really rather poor conditions for my first post

If anyone has ideas of 980 and 1210, Would be helpful

Rig Grundig S450dlx Ant Stock Telescopic Whip

ID-980 (Very Weak at 04:56 UTC peaked Q5 at 04:52 UTC fading back into Deep QSB) Format News/Talk
KTWO-1030 (Very Strong Q5 Copy Slight static Crashing and QSB overall very pleasant Copy) Format Religious
WHO-1040 (Very Loud signal No QSB Clear ID TOH Program intro Bill Cunningham) Format News/Talk
KFAB-1110 (QSB at first Tune in peaking up to Q5 Program Bill Cunningham Faded to nil at 05:16 QSB Severe Fade up 05:19 UTC 05:36 Q5 Copy) Format News/Talk
KFAQ-1170 (Average Copy Not the Strongest Station Heard Coast To Coast AM Heard 05:55 utc Crashing into Severe QSB Was able to Clean QSB With Narrow Filter) Format News/Talk
WOAI-1200 (QSB Normally a powerhouse station into Colorado News and Traffic Heard at 06:00 utc Overall Enjoyable Copy) Format News/Talk
ID-1210 (Sports Talk Radio Very Loud Copy Fox Sports Radio Heard) Format Sports Talk

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