AM Bandscan from Houlgate, Normandy

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AM Bandscan from Houlgate, Normandy

Post by Julian Hardstone » 07 Aug 2017 00:40

While on a recent family holiday in Houlgate I took the opportunity to do a daytime bandscan on MW using an available car radio (rear window antenna) and on LW using a Realistic DX-260 small analogue portable for LW. During the day the majority of stations were from the UK.

On LW there were of course the stations also from Ireland, Germany/Saarland, Luxembourg and SE France (RMC) but apart from the blank carrier from Allouis just down the road, Droitwich was much the strongest signal during daylight. After dark, Algeria's 2MW Chaîne 3 was strongest and at least 20dB stronger than Summerhill. At night also there was Roumania Antena Satelor playing a lot of folky/Klesma style music, and Czech Radiožurnál playing contemporary pop mx.

MW had Algeria, Bruxelles, poss. France, and lots of UK stations:
558 ALG R.Ouargla pres.
603 Smooth R. Littlebourne, Canterbury 0.4kW
621 RTB Wavre, 300kW, weak ff
630 BBC R.Cornwall, Redruth 2kW //657
630 BBC Three Counties R. East, Luton 0.2kW
657 BBC R.Cornwall, Bodmin 1kW //630
657 weak ee, pres. BBC Wales, Wrexham 2kW
693 BBC R.5, Start Point + Droitwich 150kW
720 BBC R.4, Crystal Palace 0.2kW
729 BBC R.Essex, Manningtree 0.2kW, //765
756 BBC R.4, Redruth 2kW
765 BBC R.Essex, Chelmsford 0.5kW, //729
774 weak ee, unid.
792 weak ee, pres. Smooth R. Bedford 0.25kW
801 BBC R.Devon, Barnstaple 2kW
828 Smooth R. pres. Luton 0.2kW
837 weak ee, pres. BBC Asian, Leicester 0.7kW
855 BBC R.Norfolk, Postwick 1kW //873
855 weak ee, pres. Sunshine 855, Ludlow, 0.1kW
873 BBC R.Norfolk, W. Lynn 0.25kW //855
882 BBC R.Wales, Washford 100kW
909 BBC R.5, Brookmans Park + Clevedon 200kW
945 Smooth R. Bexhill 0.7kW //603
963 Sunrise R. London 1kW
972 Sunrise R. London 1kW
990 BBC R.Devon, Exeter 1kW //801
999 BBC R.Solent, Fareham 1kW
1008 vy. weak unid, pres Groot Nieuws R. Flevoland 100kW
1035 weak ee, mention of Southport, but pres. Lyca Dilse R. Crystal Palace 2.5kW
1053 TalkSport, pres. Brighton 2kW
1089 TalkSport, Brookmans Park 400kW
1107 TalkSport, Fareham + Romney 2kW
1116 BBC R. Guernsey 0.5kW
1152 LBC London 24kW
1152 Smooth R. pres. Plymouth 0.3kW
1161 weak pop mx. pres. Smooth R. Bexhill 0.2kW
1170 Smooth R. pres. Portsmouth 1kW
1197 Absolute R. pres. Brighton 1kW
1215 Absolute R. Brookmans Park 125kW
1242 Smooth R. Hoo 0.3kW
1260 Absolute R. Romney 1kW
1278 vy weak unid, ff?
1305 Premier Christian R. London 1kW
1305 weak pop mx. pres. Smooth R. Newport 0.2kW
1323 Smooth R. Brighton 0.5kW
1332 weak. pres. Premier Christian R. London 1kW
1332 weak. pres. BBC R.Wiltshire Lacock 0.8kW
1359 weak ee unid. pres. BBC R.Solent Bournemouth 0.9kW
1368 weak ee unid. pres. BBC R. Surry Redhill 0.5kW
1413 Premier Christian R. Heathrow 0.5kW
1413 weak ee pres. BBC R. Gloucestershire Stow on the Wold 0.5kW
1431 weak ee pres. Smooth R. Southend 0.3kW
1458 BBC R.Devon Torbay 1kW
1458 adverts. pres. Lyca R. Brookmans Park 125kW
1485 BBC R.Sussex Brighton 1kW
1530 BBC R.Essex Southend 1kW
1548 Gold London 100kW
1557 Smooth R. Southampton 0.5kW
1566 BBC R.Somerset Taunton 0.6kW
1566 weak ee pres. Premier Christian R. Guildford 0.8kW
1584 Panjab R. London 0.2kW
1593 weak unid. pres Bretagne-5 Saint-Gouéno 10kW
1602 weak pres. BBC R.Kent Tunbridge Wells 0.2kW
1602 weak pres. Desi R. London 0.07kW

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