Wigan log 30/10/17

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Wigan log 30/10/17

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MHz	UTC	ITU	Program + Location	Details	Remarks	km
 87.80	2057	E	COPE, Alsasua (NAV-NA)	As webstream		1180km
 89.50	2046	E	RNE Radio Nacional, Muras/Monte Xistral (GAL-LU)		 PI logged: E211 PS logged: RNE_1___	1173km
 92.20	2015	E	RNE Radio Clásica, Quirós/Gamoniteiro (AST-O)		 PI logged: E212 PS logged: RNE-CLAS	1171km
 92.80	2104	E	RNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias, O Páramo/Monte Páramo (GAL-LU)	As webstream		1241km
 94.40	2022	E	RNE Radio 3, Quirós/Gamoniteiro (AST-O)	As webstream		1171km
 95.60	2053	E	RNE Radio 3, Avilés/Monte Gorfoli (AST-O)	As webstream		1138km
100.90	2025	E	Radio Galega, Cuntis/Monte Xesteiras (GAL-PO)		 PI logged: E4E0 PS logged: R.GALEGA	1280km
106.40	2037	E	Radio del Principado de Asturias, Quirós/Gamoniteiro (AST-O)	As webstream		1171km

105.20	1421	G	Wave 105, Chillerton Down (EN-IOW)		 PI logged: C3AD PS logged: Wave_105	331km

 87.50	1105	IRL	Klub FM, Cork	Irish pirate		430km
 88.20	1106	IRL	RTÉ Radio 1, Truskmore (SO)	As webstream		383km
 88.50	1107	IRL	RTÉ Radio 1, Three Rock Mountain (D)	As webstream		236km
 90.00	1102	IRL	RTÉ Radio 1, Mullaghanish (CO)	As webstream		465km
 92.20	1153	IRL	RTÉ 2 FM, Mullaghanish (CO)	As webstream		465km
 92.90	1755	IRL	RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, Three Rock Mountain (D)	As webstream		236km
 94.90	1112	IRL	Classic Hits 4FM, Three Rock Mountain (D)		 PI logged: 2207 PS logged: ___4FM__	236km
 95.60	1225	IRL	South East Radio, Mount Leinster (CW)		 PI logged: 2423 PS logged: STH_EAST	289km
 98.10	1113	IRL	Classic Hits 98 FM, Three Rock Mountain (D)		 PI logged: 2016 PS logged: __98FM__	236km
 99.60	1104	IRL	RTÉ Lyric FM, Mullaghanish (CO)	As webstream		465km
100.30	1113	IRL	Nova 100, Three Rock Mountain (D)		 PI logged: 2434 PS logged: __NOVA__	236km
101.80	1152	IRL	Today FM, Three Rock Mountain (D)	As webstream		236km
102.20	1114	IRL	Q 102 FM, Three Rock Mountain (D)		 PI logged: 2030 PS logged: __Q102__	236km
103.80	1124	IRL	Spin 103.8, Three Rock Mountain (D)	As webstream		236km
106.40	1415	IRL	Raidió na Life, Three Rock Mountain (D)	As webstream		236km
106.80	1125	IRL	Radio Sunshine, Three Rock Mountain (D)	As webstream		236km
107.00	1801	IRL	Newstalk 106-108 FM, Wicklow/Ballyguile (WW)	As webstream		230km
107.80	1802	IRL	Newstalk 106-108 FM, Cork/Hollyhill (CO)		 PI logged: 2206 PS logged: Newstalk	429km
107.90	1944	IRL	Newstalk 106-108 FM, Clermont Carn (LH)	As webstream		246km
A good opening to Ireland especially the Southern half as Klub FM 87.5 was very good and was in most of the day then in the evening Spain made an appearance which lasted about two hours before it faded out.
Below are videos of Spain.








I had to remove Radio del Principado de Asturias 106.4 because of the very distorted music from adjacent channel as if anyone is going to listen to a song like that oh well that Youtube.

Receiving equipment: 1 Sony ST-SE920, 1 Sony ST-SE700 1 Denon TU-1500RD 2 crossed FM 5s rotatable, 1 homemade FM 3 horizontal beaming S/E, 1 vertical FM 3 fixed beaming at Ireland,2 element OIRT,2 element band 1.

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