Wigan log 30/05/17

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Wigan log 30/05/17

Post by Andrew Webster,Wigan » 31 May 2017 19:55

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100.80	1004	ALB	Top Gold Radio, Tiranë (Tirana)/Dajt (tir)		 PI logged: 93C5 PS logged: __TOP___ _GOLD___ _RADIO__ TOP_GOLD THE_BEST _RADIO__	2156km

 87.60	1546	ALG	Chaîne 3, Kef El Akhal (25)		 PI logged: 2203 PS logged: CHAINE_3	2037km

 87.80	1017	BIH	BH Radio 1, Capljina/Crno brdo (hgn)		 PI logged: F201 PS logged: BHRADIO1	1885km
 89.10	1021	BIH	Federalni Radio, Capljina/Crno brdo (hgn)		 PI logged: F209 PS logged: RADIO-F.	1885km

 87.60	0941	GRC	Laikos 87.6, Thessaloniki/Hortiatis (cmc-tsk)		 PI logged: 00A8 PS logged: _LAIKOS_ __8_7_6_ THESSALO __-NIKI_ MM/DD/YY __HH:MM_ _LAIKOS_ __9_7_3_ CHALKI-_ __-DIKI_ _YOUR'S_ __NOW___ [Artist][Song] _YOUR'S_ __NOW___ [Artist][Song]	2404km
 90.60	0959	GRC	ERA 2 Deutero Programma, Florina & Kastoria/Vitsi (wmc-flo)		 PI logged: 1202 PS logged: __ERT___ _DEYTERO __VITSI_ 90.6_MHz	2298km

 87.60	1056	HRV	Soundset Trsat, Krk/Kras-Sv.Juraj (ri)		 PI logged: C468 PS logged: SOUNDSET _TRSAT__	1557km
 87.70	0956	HRV	HRT-HR 1, Licka Plješivica (gs)		 PI logged: C201 PS logged: HRT-HR_1	1648km
 89.50	1020	HRV	HRT Radio Dubrovnik, Gruda/Sveti Ilija (du)		 PI logged: C315 PS logged: R-DUBROV	1977km
 89.70	1016	HRV	HRT-HR 1, Biokovo/Sveti Jure (st)		 PI logged: C201 PS logged: HRT-HR_1	1834km
 90.30	1022	HRV	HRT-HR 1, Lastovo/Hum (du)		 PI logged: C201 PS logged: HRT-HR_1	1870km
 91.30	1026	HRV	HRT-HR 1, Labinštica (st)		 PI logged: C201 PS logged: HRT-HR_1	1768km
 91.80	1029	HRV	Radio Brac, Brac/Nerežišca-Jurjevo Brdo (st)		 PI logged: C479 PS logged: _*BRAC*_ __RADIO_	1808km
 94.40	1030	HRV	HRT Radio Knin, Promina/Cavnovka (si)		 PI logged: C316 PS logged: R-KNIN__	1740km

 87.50	1614	I	Radio Maria, Vietri sul Mare/Iaconti (sa)		 PI logged: 51CC PS logged: R.MARIA_	1930km
 87.60	1131	I	RAI Radio1, Rocca di Papa/Monte Cavo vetta (RAI) (rm)		 PI logged: 5201 PS logged: *Radio1_	1737km
 87.70	1157	I	TRBC - Tele Radio Buon Consiglio, Napoli/Camaldoli-Eremo (na)		 PI logged: 5263 PS logged: T_R_B_C_	1890km
 87.70	1624	I	RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono, Santu Lussurgiu/Punta Badde Urbara (or)		 PI logged: 5264 PS logged: *_RDS_*_	1713km
 87.80	1147	I	Radio Kiss Kiss, Vibo Valentia (vv)		 PI logged: 5225 PS logged: KISSKISS	2183km
 91.70	1620	I	RMC - Radio Monte Carlo, Sant’Antioco/Sa Scrocca Manna (ci)		 PI logged: 5213 PS logged: _RMC_1__	1812km

 87.60	0953	MNE	Antena M, Podgorica/Sjenica (PG)		 PI logged: 30FE PS logged: ANTENA_M PODGORIC	2034km
At last an opening when I switched on tuners Laikos was there at full RDS anyway nice to have a Balkan opening band was like soup most of the time though.

Receiving equipment: 2 Sony ST-S311, 1 Sony ST-SE520, 1 Sony ST-SE700 2 crossed FM 5s rotatable, 1 homemade FM 3 horizontal beaming S/E, 1 vertical FM 3 fixed beaming at Ireland, 2 element band 1.

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