Skegness Log: 2017-06-17 (Es: F TUR C/SE Europe)

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Skegness Log: 2017-06-17 (Es: F TUR C/SE Europe)

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 15 Aug 2017 09:52

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 88.4 1718 POL Radio Maryja, Bielsko-Biala/G.Magurka (SL) 3232 TEL_56__ 655-2356 ___RADIO MA??JA?? 1351km
 90.8 1718 SVK Rádio Košice, Prešov/Lysá (PO) 5330 _KOSICE_ 1512km
 87.8 1720 POL PR 1, Przemysl/Tatarska Góra (PK) 3211 __RADIO_ ??DY???? 1592km
 87.9 1737  F  BFM Business, Toulon/Cap Sicié (83) F227 __BFM___ 1194km
 88.6 1737  F  Top FM, Bandol/Vallongue (83) F442 ????_F?? 1182km
 89.4 1737  F  Radio Orient, Toulon/Cap Sicié (83) F22B _ORIENT_ 1194km
 87.6 1849 POL PR 2, Zamosc/Tarnawatka (LB) 3222 1605km
 87.9 1849 POL Radio Plus Lublin, Lublin/Piotrków (LB) Jingle ID  1536km
 89.1 1849 POL PR Radio dla Ciebie - RDC, Radom/Wacyn (MW) 393B 1422km
 90.7 1849 POL Radio Plus, Radom/komin EC (MW) 321F __RADIO_ __PLUS__ __RADOM_ 1428km
 91.6 1856 POL Radio ZET, Ryki/Janiszewska (LB) Web address given  1473km
 92.0 1856 POL PR 1, Przysucha/Kozlowiec (MW) 3211 1388km
 88.2 1906 ROU Radio Europa FM, Botosani (BT) E299 1947km
 88.6 1906 POL PR 2, Tarnów/Lichwin (MP) 3222 Dwojka__ 1465km
 89.4 1906 POL PR 1, Kraków/Choragwica (MP) Chris De Burgh dirge, as 90.7  1406km
 90.5 1906 POL PR Radio Rzeszów, Krosno/Sucha Góra (PK) 3417 Artist info 1530km
 92.0 1906 POL PR 3, Krosno/Sucha Góra (PK) 3233 1530km
 90.7 1908 POL PR 1, Solina/G.Jawor II (PK) 3211 __21:08_ POLSKIE_ __RADIO_ JEDYNKA_ 1591km
 87.5 1914 POL PR 1, Czestochowa/Wreczyca (SL) 3211 ????NK?? 1291km
 87.7 1914 SVK Fun Rádio, Košice/Dubník (KE) 5340 FUNRADIO 1544km
 88.3 1914 POL PR 1, Opole/Chrzelice (OP) OM, as 88.0  1229km
 88.4 1914 ROU Digi FM, Varatec (MM) E059 DIGI_FM_ 88.4_FM_ 1778km
 88.5 1914 SVK Rádio Vlna, Snina/Magurica (PO) 5218 1589km
 90.8 1914 ROU SRR Radio Iasi, Câmpulung Moldovenesc/Rarau (SV) EE03 IS_90.8_ 1890km
 91.1 1914 POL PR 1, Tarnów/Lichwin (MP) 3211 JEDYNKA_ __21:14_ 1465km
 91.7 1914 POL PR 3, Czestochowa/Wreczyca (SL) 3233 _TROJKA_ 1291km
 87.7 1935 TUR Slow Türk, Izmir-Bayrakli/Kartepe (ege-izm) 3222 2614km **
 89.0 1935 TUR Radyo 35 - Izmir, Izmir-Balcova/Dededagi Teleferik (ege-izm) 3578 2618km **
 90.0 1935 TUR Imbat FM - Izmir, Izmir-Bayrakli/Kartepe (ege-izm) 3738 2614km **
 90.3 1935 TUR Diyanet Kuran Radyo, Izmir-Bayrakli/Kartepe (ege-izm) 3220 2614km **
 90.8 1935 TUR Süper FM, Izmir-Bayrakli/Kartepe (ege-izm) 322E SU?????? 2614km **
 91.2 1935 TUR TRT FM, Izmir-Bayrakli/Karatepe (Yaman) (ege-izm) 3201 TRT-FM__ 2614km **
 88.0 2123 POL PR 1, Krosno/Sucha Góra (PK) 3211 JEDYNKA_ 1530km

** Personal First
Today's log was a 'luck of the draw' kind of log. I had to go out and leave my FDM-S2 recording by itself. This resulted in a lot of files. Obviously I hadn't planned to go through all them, so I used SDR Console's File Analyser to see which files contained DX. On checking a few it seemed to be mostly the same Polish stations coming through, and not too many of them at that, so I deleted the majority of files and left around 20 or so which looked like they were the most productive.

Whether you would call it luck that I managed to save a file which contained Turkish DX from Izmir, or whether you would call it bad luck that I didn't inspect the files more closely to see if there were more Turkish stations, well, you decide. Personally, I would call it luck that I accidentally hit on these as they were all first timers for me.

This was only a bonus since I was out at the time and, had I not been able to record the DX, etc. Other Turkish stations were also around at this time, all on listed Izmir frequencies, but I couldn't ID them in the few seconds they were available. Videos can be found on my YouTube channel here:

89.0 Radio 35, Izmir 1935 17-06-17 (2618 km)

90.8 Süper FM, Izmir 1935 17-06-17 (2614 km)

91.2 TRT FM, Izmir 1935 17-06-17 (2614 km)

Good DX!

John Faulkner
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