Skegness Log: 2017-05-28 (Tropo: Netherlands)

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Skegness Log: 2017-05-28 (Tropo: Netherlands)

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 29 May 2017 00:26

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 87.8 2032 HOL Radio 10, Utrecht/NH Hotel (utr) Madonna song, as 87.6  343km
107.2 2033 HOL Midvliet FM, Leidschendam/Zaagmolenstaraat (zho) Crooning oldies, as web  
106.9 2036 HOL LINQ FM, Hellevoetsluis/Opzoomerlaan (zho) Pops, as web This is ACTIVE! 297km
105.9 2039 HOL Feel Good Radio Rijswijk, Rijswijk/Clavecimbellaan (zho) Jngle ID  297km **
105.6 2044 HOL Radio Reindonk, Wanssum/Silo Piet van Elsstraat (lim) Madonna song, as web  430km **
105.5 2045 HOL NPO Radio 1, Den Haag/Alticom Toren (zho) OM, as web  296km
107.3 2047 HOL Omroep Zuidplas, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel/Spoorlaan (zho) Pops, as web  318km
107.0 2048 HOL Klokradio, Molenaarsgraaf/Polderweg Oost (zho) Classical, as web  336km
 89.4 2051 HOL Radio Oost, Hengelo/Novec mast (Hazenweg) (ove) Old song, as web  445km
102.6 2052 HOL Radio 538, Hengelo/Novec mast (Hazenweg) (ove) Presumed site. Radio Oost in well on 89.4.  445km
105.7 2101 HOL Unity FM, Leiden/Vrijheidslaan (zho) ID after news and pops  302km
105.5 2114 HOL Scheldemond FM, Oostburg/Watertoren (zee) Oldies, as web  296km
104.8 2115 HOL Streekradio, Zuidwolde/Nijverheidsweg (dre) Pops, as web  413km
105.0 2123 HOL Accent FM, Nutter/De Roezeberg (ove) Dutch music, as web  447km **
107.9 2140 BEL VBRO, Torhout (vlg-wvl) *** Showing PI code before signal is heard! 637B  297km
106.3 2144 HOL Rick FM, Uithoorn/Briandflat (nho) Pops, as web  320km **
105.8 2148 HOL SRC FM, Culemborg/De Driestad (gel) Oldies, as web  358km
 99.4 2159 HOL Radio Decibel, Den Haag/Alticom Toren (zho) Ads, as web  296km
104.0 2202 HOL Radio 10, Haarlem/Alticom Toren (nho) Pops, as 103.8, etc.  304km
 92.1 2215 HOL LekWaalFM, Asperen/Kerktoren (gel) OM and country music, as web  353km
 93.9 2217 HOL Radio 8FM, Roosendaal/Alticom Toren (nbr) Spider Murphy Gang, as web  334km
 95.8 2219 HOL Radio Schiedam, Schiedam/Emmastraat (zho) Light pops, as web  308km
 95.8 2219 HOL Omroep Brabant, Megen/Alticom Toren (nbr) U2 song, as web  387km **
 98.5 2225 HOL RADIONL, Utrecht/NH Hotel (utr) Dutch song, as 97.6  343km
 99.4 2225 HOL Radio Oost, Zwollerkerspel/Alticom Toren (ove) Jingle ID  396km **
100.2 2226 HOL BNR Nieuwsradio, Lochem/Streek Beton (gel) OM and YL, as web  426km **
 89.2 2244 HOL RADIONL, Zwolle/Novec Mast (ove) Jingle ID  398km
 89.5 2245 HOL 100% NL, Utrecht/NH Hotel (utr) Dutch pop, as web  343km
 89.8 2256 HOL Amor FM, Den Haag/Alticom Toren (zho) Dutch ads with Asian accent, as web  296km
 92.0 2258 HOL Den Haag FM, Den Haag/Alticom Toren (zho) Crowd scene or unusual arty music, as web  296km
 93.3 2301 HOL RADIONL, Enschede/Deltaflat (ove) News with musical backing, as web. Not Radio 10 or Puur NL.  455km **
 93.3 2302 HOL Ujala Radio, Amsterdam/Alticom Toren (nho) Asian music, as web  320km
 93.6 2303 HOL SLAM!, Zwollerkerspel/Alticom Toren (ove) News, as 88.4  396km
 94.0 2304 HOL Radio Veronica, Emmen/Bedrijvenpark-A37 (dre) Nickelback song, as 103.0  447km **
 95.7 2306 HOL Fresh FM, Amsterdam/Alticom Toren (nho) Bangin toons, as web  320km **
 95.9 2307 HOL Fresh FM, Multi-tx Bangin toons, as 95.7   **
102.3 2312 HOL Amor FM, Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven) (zho) Indian music, as web  313km
102.8 2313 HOL Radio Veronica, Zwolle/Novec Mast (ove) Pops, as others  398km **

** Personal First
Not sure if this tropo was forecast as I rarely check these days, but this was a very nice surprise.

This was a good opening to Germany and the Netherlands and I concentrated on the latter as signals from the regular Dutch stations were so strong that I couldn't resist rotating the antenna to vertical to see if I could catch some locals at the top of the band. I was not disappointed! The opening was centred around areas of the Netherlands I have not previously received, so several personal firsts were caught in this lift.

Good DX!

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