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30th oct 2016

Posted: 30 Oct 2016 13:41
by Tim Bucknall
highlights, 93.2 (Donegal), 103.1, 107.9

87.90 1134 G UNID (Diwali RSL), West Yorkshire heavy splatter from 88.0
89.60 1248 G BBC Radio 2, Limavady (NI-LDR) 372km
91.80 1249 G BBC Radio 3, Limavady (NI-LDR) 372km
93.10 1036 G BBC Radio Ulster, Newry/Camlough (NI-ARM) religion//93.8 295km
93.10 1327 G BBC Radio Foyle, Londonderry/Sheriff's Mountain (NI-LDR) gaelic //94.5 392km
93.20 1309 IRL RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, Maghera (CE) 433km
93.20 1309 IRL RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, Magheraroarty (DL) slightly LF of Maghera 444km
93.50 1059 G BBC Radio Scotland, Ashkirk (SC-BRD) ex regular, now rare! 263km
93.90 1103 G BBC Radio Scotland, Darvel (SC-EAY) //94.3 299km
94.00 1249 G BBC Radio 4 FM, Limavady (NI-LDR) 372km
94.90 1324 G BBC Radio 4 FM, Londonderry/Sheriff's Mountain (NI-LDR) 392km
95.40 1247 G BBC Radio Ulster, Limavady (NI-LDR) talk abt Bodysnatchers 372km
95.60 1102 G BBC Radio 4 FM, Brougher Mountain (NI-TYR) 370km
95.60 1225 IRL South East Radio, Mount Leinster (CW) 311km
95.80 1320 G BBC Radio 4 FM, Black Hill (SC-NLA) 318km
96.60 1246 G Downtown Radio, Brougher Mountain (NI-TYR) 370km
97.20 1027 G Manx Radio, Douglas/Carnane (IOM) // with 89.0 184km
99.20 1250 G BBC Radio 1, Limavady (NI-LDR) 372km
100.50 1325 G Q, Newry/Camlough (NI-ARM) Q radios classic sunday 295km
102.30 1329 G The Bay, Windermere (EN-CUM) 142km
102.40 1058 G Heart, Churchdown Hill (EN-GLO) totally in the clear 145km
103.10 1021 G Downtown Radio, Newry/Camlough (NI-ARM) yl dj over local pest! 295km
103.20 1059 G Sunrise Radio (Yorkshire), Bradford/Idle (EN-WYK) very enhanced, asian mx 81km
104.60 1029 G BBC Radio 4 FM, Newry/Camlough (NI-ARM) the archers 295km
104.80 1057 IRL iRadio, Slieve Glah (CN) //106.7 345km
105.00 1104 G 3FM, Douglas/Carnane (IOM) massively enhanced, un-nullable 184km
105.20 1021 G Energy FM, Ballasaig (IOM) txfm now qrt 185km
107.30 1127 G Fever FM, Leeds/Roundhay Road (EN-WYK) big signal, over usual Heart FM! unusual short range tropo 86km
107.90 1119 IRL Newstalk 106-108 FM, Clermont Carn atop local pest!

Re: 30th oct 2016

Posted: 30 Oct 2016 13:42
by John Faulkner, Skegness
There are some crackers in there, Tim!

Re: 30th oct 2016

Posted: 30 Oct 2016 13:52
by Tim Bucknall
just had 96.2 East Coast FM - that's new from home,

thanks John!

Re: 30th oct 2016

Posted: 30 Oct 2016 13:58
by Tim Bucknall
promising pile up on 97.4
-cool fm

Re: 30th oct 2016

Posted: 30 Oct 2016 14:31
by Andrew Webster,Wigan
Nice log Tim Ireland was certainly booming this morning a lot of those frequencies you had are blocked here I did have Today FM 100.2 Knockmoyle 1 kw a first here.


Re: 30th oct 2016

Posted: 30 Oct 2016 17:10
by daveB
Mist = overcast = no solar energy = no interfering solar lights. So overnight of the 29/30th was interesting with Wandelstein at 908 km and other good German DX. I've got to check whether Austria or Switzerland appeared on the overnight recordings.

This evening - once again clear of QRN and a noiceable mist is appearing. Strong vertical signals from Belgium and the Netherlands are present and DAB from Holland on 5B, 6A, 6B, 6A, and 9D with audio - around 6-7 dB. NPO on 12C is data only. And Norfolk 10B has appeared again. The weather forecast from Slam!FM says that the Netherlands will have overnight mist - so bodes well for tropo.