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Post by Tim Bucknall » 30 May 2016 22:33

Tim Bucknall, G-CW12 4 Congleton
IC-R9500 IF output feeding Burkhardt Reuter RDR54D1 SDR CLP 5130 Log Periodic
using both RXs together eliminates the 4G breakthrough audible when RXs are used individually
MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
52.60 1200 I Radio Radar, Castel di Casio/Casola (bo) 1391km
52.79 1353 I Paging data,
52.90 1509 I Radio California, Pescara/Viale Giovanni Bovio, 413 (pe) poor pk in splatter 1700km
53.00 1355 I Jonica Radio, Terranova da Sibari (cs) //www, g pks, deep qsb 2058km
55.00 1358 I Jonica Radio, Terranova da Sibari (cs) //53.0 deep qsb 2058km
56.24 1153 UKR Telekanal 1+1, L'viv/LFKRRT, Vysokyy zamok, 9 (LV) very poor 1844km
56.50 1142 I MEP Radio Organizzazione (P. Net), Rieti/Frazione Campoforogna (Monte Terminillo) (ri) italian pop-rock 1640km
59.24 1749 UNID video carrier, brf pk 59.240.0000!
60.75 1432 JOR JRTV1, Amman/Suweilih (amn) very very poor 3831km
61.30 1204 I UNID quiet yl tlk, not RAI GR Parlamento
67.19 1718 UKR UR 2 Radio Promin', Chernivtsi/CHFKRRT, vul. Bilets'ka, 6 (CV) 2034km
68.48 1724 MDA RFE/RL, Straseni/STRV (ST) 2275km
80.73 1141 I? Radar,
87.50 1149 I Radio Subasio, Sigillo/Monte Columeo (Monte Cucco)? (pg) yl id 1552km
87.50 1410 I Radio Sportiva, Lecce/Via Cicolella, 3-Confcommercio (le) sports mx re: Lewandowski, in with Venere 2096km
87.60 1351 F Skyrock, Castres/Peyrous Petit? (81) 1112km
87.60 1600 HNG MR 1 Kossuth Rádió, Györ / Szabadhegy (Gyo) 1531km
87.70 1341 HRV HRT-HR 1, Licka Plješivica (gs) short wk pk 1603km
87.70 1348 HRV HRT-HR 1, Licka Plješivica (gs) back w/football 1603km
87.70 1408 I Radio Venere (Puglia), Lecce/Via Cicolella, 3-Confcommercio (le) local ads, id 2096km
87.80 1424 BIH RTRS Radio Republike Srpske, Foca/Kmur (srp) 1876km
87.80 1653 AUT Ö1, Wien 2/Himmelhof (wie) 1410km
87.80 1732 ROU Radio ZU, Cluj-Napoca (CJ) id,ing as radio Nal fm 1965km
87.90 1730 HNG Magyar Katolikus Rádió, Vác / Mentös köz (Pes) 1620km
88.10 1657 ROU SRR Radio România Actualitati, Zalau/Meses (SJ) 1913km
88.20 1630 SRB Radio Dodona (pres), Drenas=Glogovac (Kos) RFE reporter ending report brf pk in pile up 2070km
88.20 1634 HNG Sirius Rádió, Kiskunmajsa / Hösök tere (Heroes' square) (BaK) whiskey in the jar 1733km
88.50 1604 SVN Slovenija 1, Maribor 1/Pohorje (RTVSLO) (mb) 1470km
88.50 1638 ROU Digi FM, Resita/Semenic (CS) 1963km
88.60 1607 HNG Lánchíd Rádió, Siklós / Köztársaság tér 8. (Bar) 1682km
88.80 1732 ROU SRR Radio România Actualitati, Cluj-Napoca/Feleac (CJ) 1973km
89.60 1135 I UNID EE OM, ...from rome
89.60 1736 ROU Radio Maria România, Bacau (BC) 2194km
90.40 1134 I Radio 105, Cassano delle Murge/Contrada Pozzo Maccheroni (ba) stable long-lasting signal 1975km
91.30 1129 HRV HRT-HR 1, Mirkovica? (ri) class mx //www 1522km
92.90 1704 HNG Klubrádió, Budapest / Sashegy (Bud) 1628km
95.70 1100 BIH Federalni Radio, Velika Gomila (usk) qrg: 95.697, wx forcast 1611km
95.70 1112 I RMC - Radio Monte Carlo, Faedis/Località Valle-Pedrosa/Costalunga? (ud) matafix, id 1364km
95.70 1335 UNID, sting singing in PP dxers in south rpt AZR but nothing here
95.90 1114 UNID serb YL, zig-zag drift, low mod
95.90 1115 HRV Narodni Radio, Pula/Veli Vrh (pa) ads for vinkovce 1485km
96.10 1120 SVN Slovenija 3, Beli Križ (kp) om speaking mixture of Ital SV 1421km
100.70 1648 ROU SRR Radio România Cultural, Timisoara/Urseni (TM) 1878km
105.00 1640 HNG MR 3 Bartók Rádió, Kab-hegy (Ves) 1566km
105.80 1648 ROU SRR Radio România Cultural, Bihor/Vârful Curcubata Mare (BH) //100.7 cont muzak 1926km
107.30 1615 BUL Darik Radio, Vratsa/Kostalevo-RRTS Vratsa (vrt) //www f pk in pile up 2194km
107.90 1611 HRV HKR-Hrvatski Katolicki Radio, Biokovo/Sveti Jure (st) over local pest! 1789km
107.90 1641 ROU Digi FM, Bihor/Vârful Curcubata Mare (BH) 1926km

53.0 was in for over 2 hours 1353-1600

very pleased with today
1.my first Kosovo,
2.my first Bulgarian above 102.3,
3.always excited to rx Chernivtsi as i'm obsessed with that place- afaik its the only place that was ruled by the Ottomans, The Poles & the Hapsburgs!- amazing cultural mix there.
4. stns over local Crewe pest 107.9!
5.potentially very useful Bosnian offset found on 95.7
6. very useful "language practise" as in among the fast changing signals there were some stations that were listenable for ages

the opening surprised me, I was trying to examine the carrier of Penistone FM on 95.7 when Bosnia faded up to 55555 with a weather forecast! then the e's basically carried on for 5 hours, at one point the MUF dropped below 87mhz but never stopped, 6m was on fire and even the underused 4m band was full of ssb

a couple of unids: as well as the English 89.6 from Italy, there was Classical music on 88.2 during the Romania/hungary opening, couldn't match it to any www //

at the peak of the opening I did try the "R" channels on band 3 but didn't see anything
hope today is the first of many!
Home:Burkhardt Reuter RDR54D1 SDR V.415,
+ CLP 5130 Log P ant

Mobile: Comm Radio CR-1 + Sharman Skyscan ant, Pira P275

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