likely E + Jet Scatter, Turkey + Unid

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Tim Bucknall
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likely E + Jet Scatter, Turkey + Unid

Post by Tim Bucknall » 12 Oct 2018 06:26!t4UCWCKa!36hJIfwCK270 ... 8vyJSJ-Yz0

the signals appear from 10:02 and 25 seconds UTC for 30 seconds

the signal on 87.503/2 before that is just a pirate

had a chat to Todd Emslie regarding the flutter on this Turkish + unid reception and it seems likely that Jet Scatter is bringing the e skip the last few hundred km to me

the band was dead apart from this

the fanfare on 87.5 & 87.7 is Turkey commemorating the 1999 Earthquake

if someone can make mp3s from this wav file for non sdr users to hear feel free i have too much going on at home to do it myself
My father was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer on sept 24th and given 3-6 months , he already had Alzheimers
and mum has just failed her driving eye test so we're selling the car

thanks for your understanding

i wanted to share this while i get chance
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Re: likely E + Jet Scatter, Turkey + Unid

Post by pe1etr » 12 Oct 2018 10:42

Tim unfortunately the audio level is very low and I can't make out the speech. (I can hear the fanfare).


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