What to do while SDR Console is auto logging RDS

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What to do while SDR Console is auto logging RDS

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Well I've got a production line going with SDR Console running through my extensive recordings. It would take far to long to manually check all the files with a fine tooth comb. I had already manually processed quite a few files,but hadn't deleted them. So I've been able to check the combination of Dave/RDSSpy and SDRConsole with 10 VFOs running simultaneously logging RDS internally.

SDR Console wins without a doubt, as it tirelessly goes through every second of every selected frequency which makes up for the slightly lower sensitivity. So it picks up what I missed because I can't check every moment and have to make a judgement call based on what I see on the waterfall, which outweighs the sensitivity issue. I am supplementing this with checking individual files manually where something of interest pops up. And I will still be favouring manual checking where there is an indication of exotic reception.

So back to the title:
1. read an e-book
2. read the news on line
3. watch a film
4. go on train rides via Youtube.
5. log a previous set of results onto FMList

All I need to do is to pause what I'm doing every few minutes to change the frequency block being logged or load a new file. (A five minute 10 MHz file takes at minimum 50 minutes to process - longer if I doing something else).

I am fascinated by the huge number of videos downloaded by enthusiasts who have been allowed to mount a camera in the cab to record the driver view. It ranges from heritage railways, through narrow gauge railways, to the modern with some spectacular scenery. It is very relaxing to watch.One contributer is a female train driver in Norway and one video is a winter trip where a lot time it is in 'white out conditions' and the track is totally covered in snow - and yet the service still (literally) ploughs on. You can hear the train hitting and pushing aside the snow drifts.
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