General Purpose PC in sale

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General Purpose PC in sale

Post by daveB » 26 Nov 2018 20:54

I found the following PC on offer from Currys/PCWorld for £419.00 sale price

Acer XC-885 Intel i5-8400. 8GB RAM/1TB hard drive - with wireless keyboard and mouse. It has a 220W PSU. The cpubenchmark for the cpu is 11671.

Just on 4 years ago I bought a Packard Bell with similar specs- but with an 15-4460 processor (benchmark 6708) for £520 sale price from PCworld.

I wasn't intending on replacing my PC - but had a major scare when it all froze and I couldn't get anything to work. Fortunately it turned out to be glitch on one of the external hard drives - which got corrupted when I was doing a backup of data files prior to dismantling the whole computer/radio set up for a furniture shift around. Once the furniture move was complete I started it up with just the monitor attached and breathed a huge sigh of releif when it all started up OK. I also managed to recover the external drive, by using chkdsk, sufficiently to get back all the summer Es I/Q files.

I wouldn't say that the XC-885 is anywhere near state of the art -it is probably 'last year' and lacks a decent graphics card (the sort that SDR console v3 makes use of for optimum performance). I wonder what sort of PC I could get fro £500 when I do need a replacement?
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