Norwegians are leaving radio after digital switchover

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Norwegians are leaving radio after digital switchover

Post by zach_m » 12 Mar 2018 21:51

The article has been originally posted on Yahoo Group, I thought it's worth to copy here.

RADIONYTT.NO - 21.01.18 - Kyrre Dahl

The first week of the year was a disaster for Norwegian radio channels. The offical radio statistics from Kantar TNS PPM shows a drop of 18 % during 2017.

Total radio listening in week 1, 2018 was only 55,1 % compared to 67,4 % in week 1, 2017. That is a drop of 18 % in one year in total listening on national channels (PPM).

NRK, the public broadcaster, has lost the biggest share of listeners. A year ago 49,0 % of Norwegians were listening to NRK, in week 1, 2018 that number has dropped to 37,3 %. In percentage that is a loss of 24 %.

The youth channel, NRK P3, have lost an astonishing 56 % in a year, and is now a small radio channel of just 4,6 %. However Bauer Medias Radio Norge has lost even more listeners, 6 out of 10 listeners a year ago has gone somewhere else, and Radio Norge is exactly as small as NRK P3.

During 2017 the national channels has switched of all their FM frequenzies and is now available on DAB or DAB+, digital TV or via the internet. Local radio in Norway remains on FM, at least until 2022, and many local stations reports double og triple listening figures.

The national networks NRK, P4 and Radio Norge now offers 30 channels on DAB+ compared to 5 on FM and some of the smaller channel has seen a steady rise in listeners. Most importantly the station for seniors (55+) NRK P1+.

According to the heads of the national networks they expected a fall in listening numbers and are confident that they will recover this year, when more people are buying digital radios.

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Re: Norwegians are leaving radio after digital switchover

Post by Tim Bucknall » 17 Mar 2018 11:13

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