WannaCry malware

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Julian Hardstone
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WannaCry malware

Post by Julian Hardstone » 13 May 2017 10:36

The new WannaCry virus yesterday hit many organisations, mostly in Russia and Spain, but has topped the UK headlines for its effect on the UK National Health Service. Speculation now is that it was activated by a Russian criminal network.

From the 30th April to 6 May our Skywaves forum had seen large numbers of new members joining from Russia, where there was clearly a great deal of new interest in Broadcast Dx. Maybe members such as "HilarioNax" or "DahbnaWelm" were preparing themselves for the coming Sporadic E season on the OIRT band, but our admin's were kept hard at work unsubscribing them (many thanks Andy). The last time we had such a period of enthusiasm by new Russian members was the first week of January 2017.

I have no experience in IT security so I don't understand these periods of activity. I have assumed that they want the ability to send emails for a DDOS attack, and we do get notifications of email bounces that suggest they are assessing the forum email system. Of course they may also wish to use their ransomeware on skywavesdx.

Should we notify our forum hosting company when these periods of activity begin? I would have thought that much larger organisations than Skywavesdx would be experiencing suspicious activity at the same time. Any thoughts?

- Julian

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Re: WannaCry malware

Post by eastangliauk » 13 May 2017 14:47

I also infected my PC the other day when downloaded some software but think Malwarebytes cleard it all off as seems fine now.
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Andrew Webster,Wigan
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Re: WannaCry malware

Post by Andrew Webster,Wigan » 14 May 2017 16:44

Well as far as I am aware spambots are trying to join forums most of the time but eventually they learn the Q&As when a new member joins the forum.
On 03/05/17 there was 15 spammers so I the altered anti-spambot settings and straight away there numbers dropped until they learn them again then Q&As have to be altered again.

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