Courtesy Cars

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Courtesy Cars

Post by daveB » 07 Apr 2017 22:16

A neighbour managed to scrape our car - they did come round to tell us. They had no choice as bright yellow paint streaks down the side were a dead giveaway along with the dent in their car. OK - it happens, guilty of it myself a few years back. So it is an insurance job - probably both doors need re-skinning - and £1500 worth of damage (or more). Fortunately I am fully comp with protected NCB and paid extra to ensure I get a courtesy car, and legal assistance. When we phoned up it was all sorted - the crash repair people deliver and collect - but it was pot luck - we would get whatever was available - an Astra, a Corsa, or a 4 door Smart car.

What turned up was a '66 plate Astra turbo SRi - with 3175 mi on the clock! Not exactly what we were expecting - we own a '59 Honda Jazz.

We were shown the essentials and left to get on with it - scarey! So download the manual and have a little read up. Now I'm not sure exactly what spec it has - but we were shown it has lane assist, told it has anti collision built in (we'd rather not test that!) and a sport mode. So fairly high end spec.

So in the evening - when the traffic has died down we take it for a drive to get some fuel and to get a feel for it. Loads of messing about for the missus to get the driving seat how she likes it (main driver btw) - up/down, forward/back, tilt - great. All I get in the front passenger seat is tilt - if I sit in it for any time it will do my back in - so it's back street driving for me as the back seat is far better.

Driving along a little green car symbol comes up - what that? Oh - there is a car in front of us. We get the fuel - my turn to try it out. Handles nicely - better suspension than our 59er. Take a route that will give a reasonable drive. Going along a nice straight stretch all of a sudden a message comes up on the console "Traffic speed memory 40 mph". How cool is that? It's got traffic sign assistant using the front cameras - speed limit, no passing, motorway, A-road. [Manual warns of limitations - in snow heavy rain or fog it might not work - but it's there for assistance - it the drivers job to keep their eye on the road.

I mustn't forget to mention the radio - it has DAB. DAB is not that good in our area - but Jazz FM (DAB+) on SDL National was rock solid throughout our brief drive. We don't intend to drive this thing more than we need to - but I'll be testing the radio as much as possible. We're almost certain to have it over the Bank Holiday weekend as it's likely to take a week to get it fixed - and they only collected it this afternoon. It also has 2 x usb charging points.

My only worry - apart from the obvious hope of not having an accident in it is - will we be satisfied with our car in comparisonn when get it back?
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